The Wild KK Project is a social enterprise offering unique adventure tours into threatened natural environments of Cambodia's stunning province of Koh Kong. 

Our tours focus on two areas, both equally beautiful and ecologically-vital;

1) The magnificent and iconic Areng Valley, deep inside the jungles of the Cardamom jungles, home to extremely rare wildlife species such as the Siamese crocodile, Dragon Fish, and the Asian elephant.  The indigenous people of Areng, the 'Chong' people, have been for years successfully battling plans by the government to build a hugely destructive hydro-dam in the area; Guests visiting these stunning terrains can participate in activities such as kayaking, trekking, interaction with local communities, etc, though guests need to be informed that activities mentioned in the itineraries  are indicative and can change according to sudden changes in weather, especially at the height of the monsoon, from May to October.

2) The mangrove forests and estuaries of coastal Koh Kong, beautiful waterways home to mainland South East Asia's largest concentration of mangrove forests.  Here, several small fishing communities are working hand-in-hand with activists from across the country to push for responsible and low-impact tourists to visit the area, after a successful campaign has managed to finally kill off destructive extraction of sand for exports to Singapore.   


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Our tours aim to:

-   provide an alternative source of income to local communities and activists engaged in the protection of these stunning terrains;

- promote the beauty and fragility of Koh Kong's unique natural environment, both nationally and internationally;

- encourage Cambodians, especially youth and local communities, to be proud of their country's natural beauty, and to inspire them to become engaged in its protection;

- showcase to decision makers that it is preferable to the economy of the local communities, and of the entire province, to prioritize responsible nature tourism over destructive industries such as mining, hydro-dam, luxury development, etc;

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Email: wildkkproject@gmail.com / WhatsApp: +855974383772*

(if you fail to get an answer after a few hours, chances are that our main coordinators are in the jungles, out of signal.  If that is the case, we will get back to you in once we are back to civilization ;).