Below is a breakdown of the activities you can expect to do as part of a standard tour of the area. Though you do not need to be a pro to participate in our tours, be reminded that the required level of fitness needed to participate is medium.  Also, note that we are sometimes forced to vary slightly the activities described in the itinerary below, due to unforeseen events such as heavy rains, rivers flowing too hard, etc. 

For groups with 4 or more guests, send us an email with your preferences and we will make up a trip that will suit your particular needs and available dates.    


Day 1 - Our adventure starts from the Veal 2 intersection, 30 km shy of Koh Kong city, an hour or so after midday. Then guests are taken to the Areng Valley via the small village of Thmo Bang (also known as Roussey Chrum). Expect to arrive there around 15:30, although road conditions (especially when it rains) can add another hour or so into the trip.  Sunset will be spent at the beautiful Chhay Ta Hing spot (see picture on the left), a part of the Areng river where there are deep pools of water where you can swim, relax and awe at the sheer beauty of the surrounding nature. Dinner is served by the side of a fire and the night is spent on tents / hammocks. This is one of the very few parts of the river where the critically endangered Dragon Fish, found almost nowhere else in the world, are still present.

Day 2 - After an early morning start (where with a bit of luck, you might receive a visit by some of the more daring gibbons), we walk to the village of Areng, where breakfast in one of the local homes will be waiting for us. Then, a trek to the village of Chumnoab, through rice fields and lowland evergreen forest, with the awesome site of the jungle-clad mountains surrounding the valley . Once in Chumnoab, the epicentre of the fight to save the valley from a proposed hydro-dam, get ready for the 2 hours or so trek to the oddly namedPepper-Frog hill, where the view of the valley below you is quite astonishing.   The option to return to the valley and spend the night in our recently-built visitor center exists, although most guests decide to spend the night on the top of the hill, sleeping to the sound of the jungle and waking up to the misty views such as the one in the picture above. As in the evening of day 1, food is served on site and guests can choose between hammocks and tents to sleep.   

Day 3 - The third day kicks off with a quick snack and a one and a half hour trek back to the visitor center at Chumnoab village, for a yummy and energetic breakfast.  After a short break, guests are taken to the calAreng river, to the spot by the river where one of the world's most important populations of Siamese crocodiles lives. The local inhabitants, members of theJong indigenous group, revere these highly elusive and critically endangered animals. The afternoon and magestic sunset is spent Kayaking up and down the pretty and calm Areng river, home not just to the harmless crocs but also to countless birds, monkeys, snakes, otters, etc. Night is spent on a tent / hammock by the side of the river or on a sand dune, listening to the sounds of the majestic jungle by the side of a warm fire.  Truly awesome.


Note: At the height of the rainsy season, there are certain days when the Areng river carries too much water and kayaking is pretty much impossible. Ask for us update on this if you intend to visit from July to October;

Day 4 - After light breakfast by the river in the morning, you will be returning back to the village of Chumnoab to say good bye to villagers then be taken back to Thmo Bang by motorbike. You will have the chance to have a last minute visit to the Areng rapids, which would have been utterly destroyed if our fight to stop the proposed hydro-dam by Sinohydro had not succeeded. Expect to return to National Road 48 on time for catching the last bust that connects Koh Kong with Phnom Penh* (approx. time of arrival at the capital is 20:30 hours) or Sihanoukville (which requires changing buses along the way). It is also possible to return to Koh Kong city or make it into Thailand the same afternoon*.


Cost of the trip

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Note: We can also create a tailor-made trip, for example including a 3 day trek to a mind boggling waterfall and a sacred cave, leaving at any time of your convenience. Minimum number of guests for this trip is three and it is subject to weather conditions and availability of the guides.


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(if you fail to get an answer after a few hours, chances are that our main coordinators are in the jungles, out of signal.  If that is the case, we will get back to you in once we are back to civilization ;).


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