4-night / 5-day Areng Valley Tour:

Day 1 Our adventure tour starts at 2:00pm at Veal Pi intersection on National Road 48, 30km before Koh Kong City.  All the different bus company services from Phnom Penh arrive at this intersection between 1:00-2:00pm everyday.  Here motorbike drivers from the indigenous Areng community will be waiting for us.  They will take us first to the small village of Tmor Bang, 35km away, where we will relax for 20 minutes for coffee and take a toilet break if necessary.  Next we will travel the last 15km deep into the forests of the Areng Valley.  We will set up camp in the evening at the beautiful rapids, named Chhay Tahing, on the Areng River.  Guests can relax or swim here, before enjoying dinner, and finally sleeping the night in tents or hammocks.

Day2 After viewing the beautiful sunrise, guests will be taken by local motorbikes 3km to a nearby village where breakfast will be served at a villager’s home at 7:00am.  Next the guests will be transported 6km on motorbike, to the village of Chomnab. which from 2013 to 2015, was the environmental activism stronghold for the campaign to save the Areng Valley from a proposed hydropower dam. Afterwards, guests will travel a further 4km on motorbikes to Stung Ksach Sor, where they will cross the Areng River and enter the jungles. From this point, guests will trek 19km along jungle paths to the beautiful Chhay Yong Waterfall.  This trek will take a full day along both flat and uphill terrain, which at some points can be physically demanding.  The guides will set up a camp of hammocks at the top of the waterfall, whilst guests can relax, swim or take photos in the cool upstream river pools.

Day3 After breakfast, guests will trek downstream to the lower waterfall pool, and will have one hour to relax, take photos and swim.  Next we will trek along jungle paths for 12km, until we reach Rong Chom Nang Mountain, where camp will be set up by a watering hole.  This day’s hike is shorter and less demanding than the previous day’s hike, and will pass through unique pine forest habitats.  In the evening guests can climb to the top of a nearby hill to view the sunset over the Cardamom forests, before returning back to camp for dinner.  At night, guests can choose to sleep in tents or hammocks.

Day4  Early in the morning, guests will climb a nearby hill to view the rare and ancient indigenous burial jars, which date back to the 15th century.  In total only 10 of these sites have been discovered in Cambodia, all in the Cardamom Mountains.  The Rong Chom Nang Mountain burial site is one of the smaller sites, with just one remaining burial jar.  Guests will relax here for one hour to take photos of the burial site and the views of the surrounding forests, before trekking downhill along a new path back to the original river crossing point on day 2 at Stung Ksach Sor.  Here motorbikes will be waiting to transport guests downstream to the river beach camping spot.  On arrival guests can relax, swim and kayak along the beautiful Areng River, where wildlife is abundant, and with a bit of luck the critically endangered Siamese crocodiles might be spotted.  Only 200-300 of these shy crocodiles remain in the wild, and Areng boasts a population of about 30-40 adults and subadults, which is the world’s second largest known population.  Dinner will be served at night on the river beach and guests can spend their last night in Areng in comfortable tents.

Day 5:  In the morning, after breakfast, guests will be given one hour to swim, kayak, take photos or relax along the Areng River, before making the short trek back to the nearby village of Chomnab.  Here guests can rest for an hour before beginning the motorbike journey back to Veal Pi intersection on National Highway 48, where guests can continue their journey to Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Koh Kong or Thailand.



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Price ; 1-3 people $250 per person , Price ; 4-8 people $230 per person

 The tour will start minimum from 3 people