Our tours offer guests the chance to visit two of Cambodia's most stunning terrains: the Areng valley of the Cardamom jungles and coastal estuaries & mangroves of Koh Kong. The Areng Valley is not just one of Cambodia's most important spots for biodiversity, with 30 species of rare or critically endangered species of wildlife, it is also the birthplace of the country's first movement of environmental activism. Roughly 20,000 hectares in size, the valley was slated to be flooded by a proposal hydroelectric dam, but a hard hitting and highly effective grassroots campaign stopped it on its tracks.

The estuaries and mangroves of coastal Koh Kong are one of the largest of kind in the whole of south east Asia, with parts of it, such as the magnificent Peam Krosaob Wildlife Sanctuary, on the prestigious Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance. These awesome habitats, which protect the coast from erosion and serve as a vital breeding and feeding ground for fish, shrimp and shellfish, were been affected by a now-postponed sand mining operation.

A brief description of our tours on offer can be found below:


1) Areng Valley adventure; (2 nights / 3 days) Kayaking, trekking, cycling & cultural interaction. This trip will allow guests to catch a glimpse of the most awesome sights of the Areng Valley, such as the Areng River, home to the sacred Siamese crocodiles, and the surrounding jungles of the National Park of the Central Cardamoms. Level of fitness required: Medium

Cost of the trip: US$130 per person

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2) Exploring Koh Pao estuary; (1 night / 2 days). Join us for an over-night stay along the beautiful Koh Pao estuary bordering Thailand, where you will have a chance to Kayak in the tranquil waters of this stunning waterway, take a short trek to a nearby waterfall into the jungles and awe at jungle clad hills of this seldom visited part of Cambodia. This trip is ideal for those with limited time to get away from it all.

Level of fitness required: Low.

Cost of the trip: US$65 per person

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3) Areng Valley immersion (3 nights / 4 days) .This tour, ideal for those with enough time on their hands, allows guest to kayak down the tranquil waters of the Areng river, trek through the foot of the Cardamom jungles, and interact with the local indigenous communities of Areng.

Level of fitness required: Medium

Cost of the trip: US$160 per person

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