The Koh Pao estuary is unique not only in its raw, natural beauty, but also in the fact that not many people know it even exists. This stunning waterway, which travels from the majestic Cardamom Mountains down to the waters of the Gulf of Thailand, alongside the Thai-Cambodian border, boasts plentiful wildlife, such as otters and dolphins, and the views of the surrounding, jungle-clad mountains are truly fantastic. Sadly, a large scale sand mining operation, aimed at fulfilling Singapore's endless thirst for sand, started in 2007 and went on unabated until 2015, when a campaign by Mother Nature Cambodia and local fishing communities, supported by activists from other parts of the country, managed to force the government to 'temporarily halt' the mining operations.


We can run tours to this beautiful and wild part of Cambodia any day of the week !!!





Day 1 - Guests meet with the coordinator/s of the trip at around 2 pm in the city of Koh Kong, allowing guests plenty of time to travel from Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, or even Trat in Thailand on that same day. After a quick talk with guests, we will leave Koh Kong at around 3 pm for a 45 minute ride with boat up the awesome Koh Pao estuary, which borders Thailand and is surrounded by the jungle-clad mountains of the Cardamom forests.

Once guests arrive in the quiet and seldom visited Island of Loy, it is time to get our inflatable kayaks out and paddle down the tranquil waters of the estuary, taking in the stunning view around us or, if guests wish to do so, taking a swim into the warm waters of the estuary. Leaving our kayaks behind for a little while, we will do a very short trek to the Chhay Smach Ongkam waterfall, then kayak back to see the beautiful sunset.


After returning to Koh Loy at around 06:30 to 7 pm, in time for food & refreshments.


At around 7 or 07:30 pm, guests who wish to do so are invited to join us in search of fireflies in the surrounding mangrove forests, always an unforgettable experience!. Night is spent either on a hammock or in a tent on a platform overseeing the Koh Pao estuary.


Day 2 - After an early morning start guests are taken up the Koh Pao estuary for a short trip to the Kbal Chhay rapids, where they can take a quick dip in one of the pools of water. Experience the beauty of seeing the mist coming off the jungle clads mountains on both sides of the estuary. Guests are then taken back to 'base' for a quick breakfast, then take another trip up the Mae Teuk estuary, right next to the border between Thailand and Cambodia.‚Äč Before returning to Koh Kong city, we will pay a quick visit to the village of Koh Pao, where fishing communities living there are trying to rebuild their lives afater the indiscriminate sand mining of the last few years has come to a halt.

Arrival at Koh Kong city is expected around midday, in time for some food and some rest before guests. Guests who aim to return to Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville on that same day can do so by taking the last bus leaving Koh Kong city at around 2 pm, and guests wanting to cross into Thailand will have plenty of time to do so too.



Cost of the trip is $65 per guest, and it includes trips by speed boat & kayak, dinner / breakfast at the village of Koh Loy, accommodation in hammock or tent, and guiding services.



Note: This area's vast sand banks were over exploited for a number of years, though sand mining operations have recently been halted by the Cambodian government. Our trips are aimed at exposing the unparalleled beauty of the area to the outside world and our ultimate aim is to stop the governments of Cambodia & Singapore from resuming this destructive practice.



Email: wildkkproject.mothernature@gmail.com / Whatsapp: +85516662129*

(if you fail to get an answer after a few hours, chances are that our main coordinator is in the jungles, out of signal. If that is the case, contact us on Whatsapp on +855969222842 instead).