Guests wanting to come and experience our unique social enterprise need to contact us at least 5 days in advance in order for us to arrange your trip. Guests are requested to pay for part of the cost of the trip ahead of your visit as a deposit, funds which are used to pay for things like motorbike / boat trips, food & drinks, hiring of local guides, etc).


Note that due to weather constraints, especially from July to October, some of the tours can't take place, especially those in the Areng Valley and surrounding Cardamom mountains, check with out coordinators if you are intending on joining us duing that time.


There are three ways to pay for your deposit, all of which we can help provide guidance with:


1) From abroad, you can send us funds using PayPal or TansferWise. Both are easy to use, charge very low transaction fees, are secure and fast. Send us an email / message on Whatsapp to get guidance on how to send us the funds.


2) If you already are in Cambodia, via Wing, Cambodia's own version of Western Union, but with much lower fees!. Again, contact us and we will guide you this very simple process.




Email: / Whatsapp: +85516662129*

(if you fail to get an answer after a few hours, chances are that our main coordinators are all in the jungles, out of signal. If that is the case, contact us via email and we will get back to you in due course).