The Wild KK Project is a not-for-profit social enterprise operated by Cambodian environmental activists fighting to put an end to the systematic destruction of Koh Kong's precious natural resources. Its main aim is to introduce people to the raw beauty of natural spots which are under threat of being destroyed by careless 'development' projects, and to show to relevant stakeholder such as the Cambodian government that it makes more economic sense to develop these places as hubs for low-impact tourism rather than as mining sites, hydro dams, economic land concessions, or resorts for the very rich.

We kick started ur project in 2013, when we started taking guests to the awesome Areng Valley, which was in immediate danger of being destroyed by an uneconomic and senseless hydro dam. Much to the dismay of those lobbying for the dam to be built, and much to the happy surprise of many, having guests visiting the area was one of the main reasons why the campaign to stop the dam was ultimately successful. The Cambodian Prime Minister has made it public twice in the last The same unique, yet-so-far-highly efficient concept is now being expanded to coastal Koh Kong, home to stunning mangrove forests and fishing communities living where Koh Kong's wild rivers meet the ocean. This area is also under threat by the extraction of sand, exported by barges and ships to Singapore, much to the detriment of the local communities and the environment.



The Wild KK Project was created in order to:


  • Raise awareness both at home and abroad about the beauty and fragility of the places we are trying to protect;
  • Provide the communities and those fighting for the protection of the valley with an effective argument in order to lobby the Cambodian government to develop these areas so that they can be enjoyed by future generations;
  • Provide skills, experience, and income to the local villagers, so that their standard of living and overall wellbeing can be raised.
  • Make the local communities, as well as Cambodian guests who visit these areas, proud of this incredible place, and thus more inclined to get actively involved in its protection;
  • Provide an alternative source of income to the activists who are engaged in the protection of these under threat places;



Email: wildkkproject@gmail.com / Whatsapp: +85516662129*

(if you fail to get an answer after a few hours, chances are that our main coordinators are all in the jungles, out of signal. If that is the case, contact us via email and we will get back to you in due course).